Sunday, April 17, 2011

(TV) Film Review - "Burn Notice: The Fall Of Sam Axe"

Burn Notice: The Fall Of Sam Axe
As many fans of the "Burn Notice" TV Series knows, this highly anticipated original movie tells the story of Sam Axe's (Bruce Campbell) last mission before we find him in the show. Early in we find out that this "Mission" was given to Sam Axe more as a punishment from a higher up in the chain of command. Seeking guidance, Sam goes to a much more bearded & rougher looking Michael Weston (Jeffrey Donovan). As predicted by Mike, Sam doesn't listen to his advice and find's himself in Colombia, from there on in, the action & drama we are expecting kicks in. Fans of Bruce and his Sam character  will not be disappointed as throughout Sam shows off not only his smarts but also that he has some interesting in the field know how, such as being able to make a Bomb on the spot just as good as Fiona. And of course the Sam Axe humor and comedic values we have all come to love. Although "The Fall Of Sam Axe" is thoroughly entertaining, this made for TV film REALLY shines in the last 25 minutes. The mountain side shoot out is a great one and ends on a solid and noble note. Within this last section of the film, we are also show the origin of Sam's famous cover character, Chuck Finley. The climax in Colombia is a great one and a very satisfying one. The actual climax of the film closes off with Sam having his last bit of fun with his "employers" and ends with Sam making his return to great old Florida, where we meet him in the TV show. All in all "The Fall Of Sam Axe" may have more drama than action, but it is a great showcase for Bruce Campbell and for Burn Notice fans, it is special and a very enjoyable adventure. For people not familiar with the show, it might still be enjoyable but probably wont be as special for them as it is for the fans loyal to the Sam Axe character.
Score: 3.9/5

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  1. Burn Notice is mine all time favorite show. Its a great spy series. This series is a perfect combination of action, comedy and drama.