Friday, April 29, 2011

Film Review - "Fast Five"

"Fast Five", the 5th installment of the "The Fast And The Furious" series, kicks right off where the last film ends and adds upon it so hard and so fast that it will leave you breathless. "Fast Five" is simply put, a non-stop, hard hitting, set-piece after set-piece thrill ride and is quite possibly THE BEST action film NOT made by a foreign film company in quite some time. And the big Vin Diesel vs Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson fight scene is one of the biggest and most brutal fight scenes to hit american movie screens ever. Not only is it easily the best film in the franchise, it's easily the best film so far this year! "Fast Five" is the best written of the series, has the best story, the best cast (with all the major players returning, p.s. WAIT FOR THE FINAL SCENE IN THE CREDITS), and without a doubt the best and MOST action out of any of the films. Not just the best "Fast & Furious" film, but one of the best action films you'll see in recent memory, PERIOD.
Score: 5/5

Sunday, April 17, 2011

(TV) Film Review - "Burn Notice: The Fall Of Sam Axe"

Burn Notice: The Fall Of Sam Axe
As many fans of the "Burn Notice" TV Series knows, this highly anticipated original movie tells the story of Sam Axe's (Bruce Campbell) last mission before we find him in the show. Early in we find out that this "Mission" was given to Sam Axe more as a punishment from a higher up in the chain of command. Seeking guidance, Sam goes to a much more bearded & rougher looking Michael Weston (Jeffrey Donovan). As predicted by Mike, Sam doesn't listen to his advice and find's himself in Colombia, from there on in, the action & drama we are expecting kicks in. Fans of Bruce and his Sam character  will not be disappointed as throughout Sam shows off not only his smarts but also that he has some interesting in the field know how, such as being able to make a Bomb on the spot just as good as Fiona. And of course the Sam Axe humor and comedic values we have all come to love. Although "The Fall Of Sam Axe" is thoroughly entertaining, this made for TV film REALLY shines in the last 25 minutes. The mountain side shoot out is a great one and ends on a solid and noble note. Within this last section of the film, we are also show the origin of Sam's famous cover character, Chuck Finley. The climax in Colombia is a great one and a very satisfying one. The actual climax of the film closes off with Sam having his last bit of fun with his "employers" and ends with Sam making his return to great old Florida, where we meet him in the TV show. All in all "The Fall Of Sam Axe" may have more drama than action, but it is a great showcase for Bruce Campbell and for Burn Notice fans, it is special and a very enjoyable adventure. For people not familiar with the show, it might still be enjoyable but probably wont be as special for them as it is for the fans loyal to the Sam Axe character.
Score: 3.9/5

Friday, April 15, 2011

Film Review - "Insidious"

The creators of "Saw" are back and proving that if done right, PG-13 horror can be just as scary, if not MORE, than most R rated films today. James Wan & Leigh Whannell make a powerful return to the genre with "Insidious". Full of tension, some actual character development, a solid story and for the first time in a really long time, making a horror movie that's actually scary! "Insidious" is hands down the duo's creepiest & scariest film to date and shows that these two haven't lost their touch, in fact their filmmaking is better and more mature than ever. If you are in search of an old school haunted house film or just an old school horror film in general, look no further. Although the "Saw" series became known for the Traps & Gore, Wan & Whannell prove that you don't need blood & gore to make a great horror film. In short, this is the best thing you could ask for out of these guys at this point in their career and they're letting you know, they're not going anywhere.
Score: 4.5/5

Film Review - "Scream 4"

Scream 4
It's Been 11 years since the last "Scream" movie and Wes Craven wastes little time bringing the nostalgic feeling to the game as the opening scene, as well as many other moments, are reminiscent and flat out throwbacks to the original first film. Many are saying "Scream 4" is the best film in the series since the original, and it's hard to disagree once seeing it with an audience. The kills are much more simplistic than most of the over the top kills horror fans have gotten used to in recent years, but they're just as brutal as any kills in recent horror history. It's also clear from the very beginning that this is also probably the Darkest film in the series. For those die hard scream fans that had a bad taste left in their mouth from "Scream 3", this installment more than makes up for it. As with every Scream film, it's all about figuring out who the killer is this time around, and once revealed, turns out to be a good solid reveal. "Scream 4" is a great Welcome Back to the Scream franchise and shows that this series of one of the most popular slasher flicks still has plenty of life left in it. If "Scream 5" happens, we'll be there happily and could only hope for a film as good as "Scream 4".
Score: 4.4/5

Friday, April 8, 2011

Web Series News - First Look At Sub-Zero In New Mortal Kombat Web-Series!

the new "Mortal Kombat Legacy" web-series premieres April 12th (a mere 4 days away!) and today the first image of Sub-Zero has been unleashed. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

                                               (Click Pic To Enlarge)

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

Video Game News - New "Twisted Metal" Release Date Revealed!!!!

In an exclusive trailer that aired on Spike last night, it was revealed that Eat Sleep Play's new "Twisted Metal" PS3 game will be released on October 4th of this year! Check out the trailer below!